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Tata Wiron Chain Link Fencing

The Chain Link Fences are helical wounded steel fencing material used for fencing of factories, farms, houses and animal enclosures to prevent trespass beyond boundaries for security. They are effective for indoor and out door protection around machinery. They are known for their stiffness and longevity and are available in a wide collection of styles, sizes and colors as per the requirements.

  • Uniform mesh sizes without any ties or knos
  • Accurate mesh size , length , height , & finish resulting in over 10% cost savings
  • Longer life compared to other fences
  • Made out of High Quality Hot Dip galvanized Tata Wiron wire
  • Materials Used : GI Wire,PVC(Vinyl)Coated Wire
  • Fencing of factories , farms , houses , poultry farms & animal enclosures
  • Roof support in long wall mining
  • Serve as boundaries of vacant lands to prevent encroachment
  • Can be reinforced to Cement Poles, Angle Iron Post, Pipe post or Wooden Poles

Mesh Sizes, Wire Diameter & Height Availability:

Mesh Sizes ( inch ) 2" * 2" , 2.5" * 2.5" , 3" * 3", 4" * 4"
Height 2 feet - 10 feet
Wire Size 8 Swg , 10 Swg , 12 Swg