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Tata Wiron Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is one of the most widely used products for fencing purposes. Its application for security purposes ranging from not just residential homes but also industrial plots and agricultural farms. Its characterized by a double twisted wire with barbs placed at proportionate intervals. The reason for its wide popularity is because it’s easy-to-use and is highly economical.

Tata Wiron made barbed wire has already become one of the best & most respected barbed wires available in the country. The barbed wire manufactured is the best in class and as per IS: 278 standards with the sharpest barb and highest wire quality resulting in peace of mind to the end consumer.

The following are the prominent features of the Tata Wiron Made Barbed Wire:

  • It is manufactured from superior quality Hot Dip Galvanized Iron (HDGI) resulting in it being extremely long lasting & rust-resistant. It is also anti-abrasive and non-corrosive resistant to adverse weather conditions.
  • It is made as per IS: 278 specifications with uniform distances between two barbs, correct barb length and best-in-class sharpness leading to the best protection of your properties.
  • It possesses a strong handle which helps to carry it without actually hurting hands.
  • Each bundle is marked by a tag which indicates the dimensions, weight of the coil resulting in quality assurance and transparency to the customer.
  • The end product results in over 10% savings to the customer owing to correct size, weight & length. It is further competitively priced in the market resulting in phenomenal value for money to the buyer.