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Nest-In solution is a complete building solution, which provides a simple and quick solution to building houses. The NEST-IN is a light gauge steel frame construction solution, made of cold rolled high strength galvanised steel, which offers high seismic resistance. The construction is thermally insulated by means of insulation between the internal and external rendering made of cement particle boards. The steel sections are joined using patented Dipple Klick technology, so as to minimize the use of fasteners and improve efficiency. The roofing is our standard Shaktee roof. The solution comes with standard doors, windows, foundation, and installation service.

Nest-In is ideal for applications like Houses, Shops, Medical Clinics, Community Centres, Site offices, Guard Huts, Aaanganwadi, etc

Moreover, the steel used in the house is 100% recyclable. Nest-In is eco-friendly in the sense that the construction process is almost dry and does not waste resources or pollute the environment to the extent the conventional building methods do.

In conclusion, the reasons to choose NEST-IN:

  • TATA Brand: A symbol of trust
  • Shorter Lead Time
  • Earthquake & Fire resistant
  • Beautiful & aesthetically very attractive
  • Single Point Sourcing
  • Environmentally friendly and Easy to build