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Durashine Product Specifications

The Roof and Wall sheets are manufactured from zinc/ aluminum alloy coated high tensile steel. The sheets are available in attractive range of colours.

General benefits of DURASHINE® Roof and Wall are as follows
  • Smart appearance with subtle square fluting
  • Anti-capillary groove ensures leak-proof roof
  • Minimum yield strength of 550 MPa ensures required strength for roofing application
  • Accurate thickness, width and length gives a perfect fit for any roof
  • Wider valley ensures higher water discharge in case of heavy rains

Widest profile : DURASHINE® wall is one of the widest wall profile sheet available, which is also quick and easy to install
Long lasting: Zinc – Aluminum alloy coating and superior paint system gives longer product life – almost 2 to 4 times longer than ordinary colour coated sheets

DURASHINE® Steel Tile is a strong, durable, pierced fixed long length steel roof tile. It is quick to install, easy to handle and transport. It is designed to provide aesthetic look to a building.

Benefits Applications
  • Long Lasting
  • Strong & Light Weight
  • Better Corrosion Resistance
  • Better Thermal Efficiency
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Residential - Row Houses, Bung alows, etc.
  • Commercial - Shopping Centers, Resorts, Hotels, etc.
  • Industrial - Porches, sloped roof slabs, etc.
  • Institutional - Colleges, School Building, etc.
  • Agriculture - Farm Houses, etc.

DURASHINE® Liner Profle is an attractive, slightly fitted wall & ceiling cladding for exterior and interior use on straight or curved surfaces. DURASHINE® Liner Profile is manufactured out of high strength steel which has longitudinal fiutes that provide rigidity and strength along the length of the sheet while retaining full fexibility across the width. It can be used with the fiutes vertically or horizontally, however, DURASHINE® Liner Profile is not intended as a roofing material.

Typical Sheet Arrangement
Double Slope Roof with Crimp Ridge Double Slope Roof with Plan Ridge Crimp Ridge

DURASHINE® offers accessories compatible with the range of Roof and Wall Products.

DURASHINE® Purlin is a structural component, roll-formed from high strength galvanised steel with 120 g/m2 Zinc coating mass, which saves more than 30% of the steel by weight.

DURASHINE® Purlin is cost effective in comparison to conventional structure element: channel section, angle section and tubular section.

Standard offer
Purlin Zinc Coating (g/m2) Thickness (mm) Depth (mm) Length (m)
Z10010 120 1 102 6
Z15015 120 1.5 152 6
  • Light weight and strong
  • Greater spanning capability
  • Zinc coating to provide longer life
  • No welding at site
  • No painting required after installation
  • Lower maintenance cost